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Global leader in apparel manufacturing with five decades of dedicated services with diversified products

At a glance

we have around 4 self-operating manufacturing facilities spanning across China. With a workforce of approximately 8,000, we deliver over 40 million pieces of apparel a year to the best-in-class apparel brands in the world, offering them the right product at the right time at the right cost. Our broad range of apparel products includes lifestyle wear, denim, high fashion, dresses and sportswear and outdoor apparel.

Our co-creation business model is critical to achieving and enhancing our industry leading position as supported by the powerful combination of our almost four decades of industry experience, long-term partnerships with globally leading apparel brands, a diversified product portfolio, and a multi-country manufacturing platform, which have driven our ability to launch new commercially successful products for our customers continuously.

We have developed based on our corporate culture of caring “For The Greater Good” — where the good of customers, colleagues, society and the global environment are our priorities. We believe sustainability allows us to create “shared value” for shareholders and stakeholders through our business process. To this end, we take a holistic approach to sustainability using the five pillars: Environment, Innovation, Product Integrity, Employee Care, and Community Engagement.

Products and Services

Our work starts with you — understanding exactly what you need, so we can offer you solutions that work.

We work with carefully-selected vendors to make our products meet your needs and price points.

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